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Toy gun leads to arrest
Pacheco2c Jose
Jose Pacheco

A Turlock police officer sustained an injury while struggling with a suspect who was reportedly armed with a gun. Once in custody it was discovered the suspect was in possession of a toy gun.

The officer sustained an injury to his hand, said Turlock Police spokesperson Sgt. Stephen Webb.

Shortly before 9 a.m. Saturday the police department received a call from an individual reporting a man had been seen panhandling in the area of C Street and had what appeared to be a firearm sticking out of his back pocket.

Officers searched the area and found a man in the 600 block of C Street that matched the description provided by the caller. The man was later identified as Jose Pacheco, 21.

The first officer to make contact with Pacheco could see the grip of a gun sticking out of the back pocket, Webb said. The officer gave Pacheco several orders designed to deescalate the situation, none of which Pacheco followed, Webb said.

An attempt was made to take Pacheco into custody. According to the police report, Pacheco struggled with the officer, inflicting a “non life threatening injury” to the officer’s hand.

With the assistance of additional officers, Pacheco was eventually taken into custody and put into a body wrap to keep him restrained.

An officer retrieved the gun and found that it was a plastic toy, Webb said.

Pacheco never threatened any of the officers with the gun and never pointed it at anyone, according to the police report.

Pacheco was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest and battery on a peace officer.