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API Report Card: TUSD drops points in statewide testing
API scores pic
Walnut 6th graders work on building their future city, "Garnicia," last school year for the annual Stanislaus County Future City Competition. Walnut Elementary Education Center recorded the highest API score in the district at 882. - photo by Journal file photo

Turlock Unified School District API scores


School                                     2012                2013                Growth

TUSD                                      780                  779                  -3

Crowell Elementary                735                  708                  -27

Cunningham Elementary        740                  718                  -22

Dennis Earl Elementary          807                  802                  -5

Julien Elementary                    806                  803                  -3

Osborn Elementary                 800                  798                  -2

Medeiros Elementary              855                  829                  -26

Wakefield Elementary            697                  685                  -12

Walnut Elementary                 871                  882                  11

Brown Elementary                  747                  768                  21

Dutcher Middle School          803                  820                  17

Turlock Junior High School    791                  783                  -8

Pitman High School                776                  779                  3

Turlock High School               789                  781                  -8

eCademy Charter at Crane     683                  674                  -9

Roselawn High School           469                  483                  14


Information provided by the California State Department of Education



The Turlock Unified School District saw a slight drop in test scores, as the newest Accountability Progress Report was released by the state last week.

The district recorded a 3-point loss in its Academic Performance Index, or API, going from 782 in 2012, to 779 in 2013.

"TUSD’s efforts will continue to focus on the California State Standards for the 2013-14 school year, with all staff being mindful of embedding TUSD’s Essential Instructional Practices that are geared toward preparing students for the rigor and expectations of Common Core,” said Superintendent Sonny Da Marto. 

A school’s API is a number that ranges from 200 to 1,000 and is calculated from the results of each student’s statewide tests.  The state has set 800 as the API target for all schools to meet.  Schools that fall short of 800 are required to meet annual growth targets until that goal is achieved. 

Five TUSD schools scored above 800: Dutcher Middle School (820), Earl Elementary (802), Julien Elementary (803), Medeiros Elementary (829), with Walnut Elementary Education Center, which recorded the highest score in the district at 882. Walnut is currently only school in the district that met all API targets.

Brown Elementary School saw the largest growth, gaining 21 points (747 in 2012 to 768 in 2013). Crowell Elementary recorded the largest drop, losing 27 points (735 in 2012 to 708 in 2013).

“We are of the firm belief that students who are highly engaged in application, problem-solving, collaboration, and divergent thinking will be more prepared for success and poised to help their respective school site move closer to an 800-API at the end of this academic school year,” said Da Marto.

While the API scores measure growth in test scores year to year, the Adequate Yearly Progress numbers show whether schools are meeting No Child Left Behind standards.  The intent behind No Child Left Behind is to have every child in the United States satisfy reading and math proficiency rates by the year 2014.

Spring 2013 results show a slight recovery of percentages lost in the prior year. Over a five year period, the District has increased 7.4 percent overall, with Hispanic students gaining 9.0 percent, English learners 8.7 percent, and special education 5.8 percent.

In the spring of 2013, 63 percent of the white subgroup scored proficient or advanced, while only 45.7 percent of the Hispanic, 41 percent of the English learners, 45.4 percent of the SED, and 28.2 percent of the special education subgroups scored proficient or advanced. 

Other local school districts had mixed results. Denair Unified School District made an 18-point gain in core academics (747) in its API, while Hilmar lost 24 points (758).