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Council will hear road plans during mid-week Special Meeting
Turlock roads
A Special City Council meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday to discuss action plans on the City’s roads program initiative (Journal file photo).

Turlock’s quest to fix roads in dire need of repair will move forward this week as the City Council hears a variety of action plans during a Special Meeting on Wednesday. 

Mayor Amy Bublak first announced the City’s roads program initiative during her State of the City address on May 6. The plan aims to rehabilitate Turlock's 428 lane miles of roads, which currently have a pavement condition index of 55 out of 100, over the course of the next five years by allocating 50% of Measure A funding for the cause.

An estimated total of $5.5 million will go towards road projects annually, increasing the City’s existing road funding by 100%. 

So far in the initiative’s progress, the City has hired a new Roads Program Manager who will start on Sept. 16, and also received responses to the initiative’s Request for Proposal and Request for Information, which were advertised on July 28. 

City staff received two proposals for the RFP and two responses for the RFI, and all four will be presented during the Special Meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday. The two RFP proposals are from Michael Barker International and a consultant team comprised of Project Finance Advisory Limited, Altus Group and NWC Partners. The two RFI responses came from Public Facilities Investment Corporation (PFIC) and Noresco. 

In their responses, each company has laid out their plan — financials and all — for fixing the roads in Turlock in accordance with Bublak’s proposed five-year timeline. In a public workshop during the Special Meeting, the City Council will receive information, discuss and provide direction to City Staff on how best to move forward, though no formal votes or decisions will take place. 

Those who would like to attend the 6 p.m. Special Meeting in person can do so in City Hall’s Yosemite Room. The meeting will be streamed on the City of Turlock website,, and broadcasted on Spectrum Channel 2. The meeting can also be viewed on Zoom by clicking