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Eggman campaign launches Denham parody site
denham awards poster
The Denham Awards is part of a parody website launched by congressional candidate Michael Eggmans campaign, aiming to point out inconsistencies in Denhams voting record. - photo by Photo by EGGMAN FOR CONGRESS 2014

As the Oscars generally fall in February or March, many are getting ready for award season. This year, a new “award” has been launched in the form of a political website – The Denham Awards.

The website,, went live on Thursday evening as a campaign to point out the faults in Congressman Jeff Denham’s (R-Turlock) voting record. Funded by Congressional candidate Michael Eggman’s (D-Turlock) campaign, Eggman for Congress 2014, the website is filled with parodies of recent blockbuster hits, such as “The Wolf for Wall Street”  to bring attention to how Denham has voted on various issues.

“Congressman Jeff Denham’s record is littered with votes damaging to Central Valley families, businesses and seniors,” said Eggman’s Campaign Manager Eric Goldman. “From claiming to be working to create jobs, before voting for a job-killing government shutdown to publicly stating he would refuse a pay-raise, then writing a secret letter asking for a tax-payer funded pay hike, Jeff Denham has a long career of saying one thing to our faces and then doing the exact opposite when he thinks nobody is looking.”

In a parody of Johnny Knoxville’s “Bad Grandpa,” the Denham Awards features a poster of Jeff Denham alongside a senior citizen with the heading “A John Boehner Production: SAD Grandpa” and the subheading, “Ending Medicare as we know it.” In the text featured next to the poster, Denham is reprimanded for supporting an “extreme anti-senior budget that would have implemented draconian cuts to seniors’ health care” while ending the Medicare system and “forcing seniors with prescription drug coverage to pay thousands of dollars more for their prescriptions.”

Other parodies include the Hunger Games, which addresses the Farm Bill’s cuts to the national food stamp program, and “Jeff Denham’s Frozen,” to highlight the government shutdown last fall.

“The Denham Awards” is an early step in a long campaign to define Denham and expose his harmful record to valley voters,” said Goldman.

The Denham Awards parody website can be found at .

Attempts to contact Denham’s office in response to “The Denham Awards” after the website was launched were unanswered as of press time.