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Planning to consider new hotel project
Tully Road hotel project
BM5 Hospitality, LLC out of Sacramento is requesting a height exception for a new project that would bring a new 4-story hotel to N. Tully Road (KRISTINA HACKER/The Journal).

Turlock could soon have another hotel to accommodate visitors as a Marriott Towneplace project is set to go before the Turlock Planning Commission on Sept. 1.

The Commission will consider the project, which includes a request for an exception to the 35-foot height limit established in the Westside Industrial Specific Plan. The 53,710 square foot hotel would measure 61 feet, 6 inches from the grade to the highest point — 18 feet over the current height limit in the WISP zoning plan for the hotel itself and 26 feet over at the towers.

Proposed is the construction of a 4-story, 91-room hotel on a 2-acre parcel located at N. Tully Rd. This lot is next to the Comfort Suites and Days Inn on N. Tully Road. A total of 88 onsite parking spaces would be built — three less than is required in the Turlock Municipal Code, which states that hotels must have one parking space per sleeping unit. Turlock Municipal Code states that the Development Services Director may grant a minor exception, up to a maximum of 10%, of the required number of parking spaces. The construction of 88 onsite parking spaces is a 3% reduction from the Code requirement. Staff stated they do not believe the 3% reduction in onsite parking spaces will significantly impact the neighboring properties and is within the range approvable at staff level.

Additional improvements include paving, parking lot striping, lighting, fenced outdoor pool area and landscaping. A minimum 15-foot wide landscape bed would be required to be planted along North Tully Road. A 10-foot wide landscape area would be required along the west property line abutting the Highway 99 frontage as well as parking lot shade trees and landscape islands planted throughout the project site. All new landscaping must comply with the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance.

The project would also include curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements adjacent to the hotel.

City staff is recommending the Commission approve the project, with the height exception.

The hotel does not share property boundaries with any residentially zoned property and no residences abut the project site. Had the hotel been sited abutting a residential neighborhood, staff would have requested a line-of-sight exhibit to illustrate how the hotel might have affected light, air, ventilation, and privacy for those abutting residences. The nearest residential neighborhood is Danielle Estates located east of the proposed hotel, separated from the hotel by North Tully Road (65 foot right of way), and two small commercial lots which front onto Tully Road. Coupled with the 20-foot setback from the property line along Tully Road, the result is a more than adequate separation to ensure privacy.

City staff stated there were no concerns expressed by the Fire Department regarding the height of the 4-story hotel.

The project also will not result in any significant impacts relating to traffic, noise, air quality, or water, nor does the site have any habitat value for endangered, rare, or other threatened species, according to City staff.

The Planning Commission will consider this project at their next meeting, set for 6 p.m. Sept. 1 in the Yosemite Room at Turlock City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.