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A unique women's clothing store
in business pic
Mimi Nunes shows off some wares on sale at Cindys DooDads.

Name of business: Cindy’s DooDads

Type of business: A unique ladies boutique

Location: 115 W. Main St.

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Contact info: 664-1367

History of business: Cindy’s DooDads has been a downtown Turlock mainstay for 20 years, occupying three different storefronts during that time.

The women’s boutique first opened in Scandia Village, when owner Cindy Sprinkel decided to turn her home show clothing business into a retail venture.

“She loves clothes and buying pretty things for local women,” said employee Mimi Nunes.

The store then moved to East Main Street, before relocating to its current 115 W. Main Street location, where it has resided for the past 10 years.

Over the years, the store has continued to focus on distinctive women’s clothing, Nunes said. But as styles have changed so too have Cindy’s DooDads’ offerings, adding more casual options.

“We have more to offer now than ever,” Nunes said.

Business specialty: Cindy’s DooDads focuses on truly unique women’s clothing, unavailable anywhere else in Turlock.

“It’s something that you just don’t see in department stores,” Nunes said.

The style isn’t for teeny boppers, Nunes said, but for women looking for stylish modern clothing and accessories.

Cindy’s DooDads stocks clothing from designers like Christine Alexander, Belldini, and Erin London. Shoes are on offer from notable makers like Onex and Taos.

The store also features a wide range of jewelry, scarves, and nearly every accessory under the sun.