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Alliance Worknet makes transition from public to private sector


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, signed into law in 2014, has resulted in a big change for Alliance Worknet of Stanislaus County, but one that CEO David White says the organization is excited about.


The Alliance Worknet serves Stanislaus County by providing job seekers with the services necessary for success and also assisting businesses in finding qualified employees at no cost to the business.


According to White, the WIOA — which is replacing the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 —mandates that a workforce development board cannot procure workforce money and then also provide workforce programs; all of the workforce money must be procured out to private vendors.


“Although we haven’t worked out all of the details, The Alliance and Alliance Worknet will become a private, nonprofit organization driven by the private sector,” said White. “There’ll be a new workforce development board created to replace the current board, so there’s no affiliation.”


The Alliance Worknet’s goal is to increase employment, job retention and wages of Stanislaus County residents as well as helping local businesses improve their productivity and competitiveness.


There are three Alliance Career Resource Centers in the county, located in Turlock, Modesto and Oakdale, which offer job leads, unemployment insurance services, help creating resumes and information on hiring events.

The new business organization and business Alliance will be looking to bid out or make a proposal for workforce service. White explained they’ll have the intention of securing a contract with the workforce development board but understand they will have to compete with others for that opportunity.


“We’re making a significant change but the Stanislaus Business Alliance will continue to be an economic development organization serving the county, just a private sector segment, driven by the private sector.”


Stanislaus County is working to place its employees who currently deliver employment services under the Alliance Worknet in other County departments, according to a statement released Friday.



“Details will be forthcoming,” assured White. “We will continue to be an economic development organization and there will be a new five-year plan announced to the public about a month from now. It’s all good though; it’s a change we’re excited about.”

— Kristina Hacker contributed to this report.