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Development to add hundreds of residents to Hughson
Hughson development
Heavy equipment has been grading 56 acres south of Hatch Road and east of Santa Fe Avenue in Hughson in preparation for the building of nearly 300 new homes. The Parkwood development will see new home construction in 2023 (JEFF BENZIGER).

The city of Hughson is on the verge of another housing boom as 56 acres of ground is prepared for Parkwood Development, which will add 299 new homes and hundreds of new residents.

The project site is located east of Santa Fe Avenue and south of Hatch Road. Parkwood Development was approved by the City Council in November 2021.

The lots will range in size from 5,005 to 13,280 square feet. The project also includes 6.14 acres of park/dual use facilities.

Once completed and inhabited, approximately 873 new residents are expected to be added to the 7,518 residents who call Hughson home.

“However, homes range in size from three to four bedrooms so the potential is there for the number to be higher,” said Carla Jauregui, Community Development Director for the City of Hughson.

Project work includes building a sound wall along Santa Fe Avenue. Backyards of homes will back up to the wall.

The development is one of three residential developments in recent years. The Hughson City Council approved 69 homes in 2006 for Euclid South Development, later renamed Fieldstone subdivision. The project was abruptly interrupted by the 2008 mortgage crash but was revamped in December 2017 with the final map approved on March 9, 2020. Kaufman & Broad is building the homes.

The other residential development, called Euclid North, was approved in 2007 and amended in 2017. 

A total of 74 of the 120 homes for Euclid North and South have been issued Certificates of Occupancy, there are 33 active permits in both subdivisions and 13 pending issuances, said Jauregui.

Hughson City Manager Merry Mayhew said the city expects buildout to occur within the next five years. Hughson is debating its future growth plans with an update of its 2005 General Plan.

“Other than the three developments that have been approved, the city does not have any other large sites for residential development,” Mayhew said.