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Don Pedro relicensing milestone approaching
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The Turlock Irrigation District faces an upcoming milestone in the relicensing of Don Pedro as the organization files a draft of its application to the Federal Environmental Regulatory Commission by the end of November.

The current government shutdown does not affect this deadline.

November to February will be an important time for TID staff as they refine their proposal regarding the salmon population before the final licensing application date in April. Other study plans may include water resources, flora and fauna, recreation for visitors, and cultural resources.

Field work for the predation study will begin late this year or early in 2014 and completed in July 2014, after the final license application is due.

Steve Boyd, director of water resources for TID, acknowledges that this timing appears peculiar, but said that the application will sit on the shelf until approved studies are completed and submitted.

“Strategically, I think that is helpful because while the study is going on, TID can work on different scenarios internally, with the public and the board,” Boyd said.