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Local kids get hands-on with dental health
Dental pic1
A student from TLC preschool learns the proper way to brush the teeth of a dragon at First Step Dental on Friday. - photo by ANDREA GOODWIN / The Journal

Students from TLC day care and preschool classes learned a lesson about dental care from First Step Dental employees on Friday morning. The class was just one of 12 groups that took a tour of the dental office and learned dental hygiene from the professionals.  February is children’s dental health month, and in honor of that First Step Dental invites community preschool, daycare and kindergarten groups to tour their office every year. Kids learn about what happens in a dental office so that they are not afraid to visit the dentist. They also learn how to brush their teeth and what foods to avoid to keep their teeth healthy. They touched dental instruments, brushed a dragon’s fake teeth, and learned to brush twice a day for two minutes.