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Pitman club helps control the pet population
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Turlock Animal Services will assist three low-income families and their pets thanks to Pitman High School’s new club in campus.

The Pitman Animal club recently donated the animal shelter $150 for the spay and neuter of a couple of four-legged friends owned by two Turlock families.

“We received a check from the president of the club along with their advisor Angie MacFarlane,” said Animal Services Supervisor Glena Jackson. “This check will assist two dogs and one cat. These animals will also receive a free microchip provided from the City of Turlock. The club was also generous enough to bring in newspaper towels so we could use at the shelter.”

With just one year in the public scene, the Pitman Animal Club kept busy during the school year in finding ways to help the animal shelter and help control the local pet population.

“The club is fairly new and has already helped the community so much,” said Jackson. “The advisor contacted me at the beginning of the school year and invited me to give a presentation and give some ideas on how money could be earned to help the shelter. We spurred in some ideas and thought the best way to help out our local shelter was to reduce the pet population.”

The club put together a number of fundraisers including the sale of animal treats they created from scratch. The will continue to provide funds for the animal shelter by making the animal treat sale an annual fundraiser.

“We are extremely grateful for the generous donation from the Pitman Animal Club,” said Jackson. “We hope to have other schools and groups help donate for this cause because there are many families in need that will benefit from it.”