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Water conservation for city parks and medians
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The City of Turlock's Water Conservation Task Force Committee is focusing efforts on water conservation strategies and enhancing our public education and outreach. As part of the public education and outreach, the City will be posting signs on the City's medians and parks. These signs will indicate how that particular landscape is being irrigated.
To support the Governor's Executive Order, "of prohibiting irrigation with potable water of ornamental turf on public streets medians," the City has made the following adjustments:
• East Christoffersen Parkway medians landscaped with artificial turf, no landscape irrigation is needed. Trees are watered with an underground bubbler system.
• Other medians along Christoffersen Parkway and Monte Vista Avenue that have grass will no longer be watered. Alternate means of water will be used to water the trees.
• Medians throughout the rest of the City all have drought resistant plants and trees that will be watered with micro sprays or drip systems.
The City has made responsible choices over the years to use non-potable and recycled water to irrigate the following areas:
• Pedretti Park is irrigated with non-potable water and recycled water.
• Turlock Regional Sports Complex and Donnelly Park are irrigated with non-potable water.
• Northeast area of Turlock, including the basins and medians are irrigated with non-potable water.
*Non-potable water is water not treated to drinking water standards. Recycled water is treated wastewater.

Practical Turf Areas: Grass should be grown only in areas where it provides functional benefit. Substitute less water-demanding materials, such as ground covers, water efficiency plants or mulches. Porous materials such as rock or wood and concrete pathways or patio areas can be added to decrease water use while enhancing your yard, and landscape areas.