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Esquer will restore integrity at City Hall

Every Turlock citizen should be alarmed about what has happened to our City since January 2021. The City of Turlock is in a state of disarray under the current council leadership led by Mayor Bublak, 

The City has lost 206 years of the experience, knowledge and dedication with the exodus of competent staff members. In the last year and half, 12 or more experienced Turlock City employees who knew how to do their jobs have left City Hall. 

Previous mayors have worked with staff and let staff do their jobs, which is why the Turlock was the model city in our county.

In 18 months, the City of Turlock lost:

—   Newly hired City Manager who knew how to manage the city. 

—   Municipal Services Director who is an expert on water usage and water issues, waste water and waste treatment plants.

—   City Clerk who was a dedicated, hardworking and ethical staff member who executed her staff position in an expert manner.

—   Economic Development and Community Housing Director who brought many new businesses and affordable housing projects to Turlock.

—   Operational Division Chief and Intern Fire chief who led the City Fire Department through the Covid crisis that our City faced. 

—   A very knowledgeable City Engineer.

—   Executive Administrative Assistant in the Utilities and Water Department who helped get Turlock as a member of the Stanislaus Regional Surface Water treatment plant.

—   Fire Marshall with over 30 years of dedicated service.

—   Staff member who was a water expert and knew how to lead us in the current water crisis. 

—   Police captain who provided expert services to the City on many issues and was Intern Chief of Police.

—   Director of Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities who gave Turlock a great reputation for its sporting events and facilities.

—   Police lieutenant who provided our City with many years of exceptional service.

It’s almost a cliché to say that people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses. Bublak needs to be replaced.

Please join me in supporting former council member and vice mayor Gil Esquer; he will restore the respect, character and integrity at City Hall. Gil can work productively with staff, city manager and all council members.

— Milt Trieweiler