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Mary Jackson is a benefit to the TUSD Board

Editor, The Journal:

I would like to add my name to the list of supporters of Mary Jackson's candidacy for the TUSD School Board in the upcoming election. In her term on the Board, she has consistently placed the educational, social, and emotional welfare of TUSD students first, ably leading the District's students from the difficulties posed by the pandemic back to normalcy. Not only has she performed her duties ably and conscientiously, but she has done so agreeably and respectfully, even with those with whom she may disagree. Further, her candidacy for re-election has been conducted without the use of dog-whistles, racially coded language, character assassination, fear mongering, or any other divisive, negative tactics that unfortunately seem to dominate our contemporary political discourse.

Mary is a solid, decent choice for the TUSD Board. Her re-election will be a real plus for the education of Turlock's students.

— Llewellyn Boyle