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Suggestions for improving Turlock

Dear Editor:

My name is Jason E. Freitas, and I am a caring resident of Turlock. I have dedicated time to our community and prepared a brief overview of suggestions for our city leaders to consider.   These suggestions aim to address issues related to homelessness, businesses, and public safety simultaneously. 

1. Employment for homeless individuals in Turlock should be a priority.   Providing jobs such as trash collection, street sweeping, maintenance at fairgrounds, road crew work, or positions within city or county offices can offer individuals the opportunity to earn money for necessities and also boost their sense of self-worth and pride.  We also have a large number of homeless veterans, many of whom have some form of income.   If they do not have an income, they should be given priority due to their service to our country. 

2. Businesses in Turlock can benefit from increased safety measures.   The city should collaborate with funded organizations to assist employed individuals in finding homes through a city advocate, rather than a nonprofit navigator.   This will help reduce homelessness on store fronts and ensure accurate data on those willing to receive help.   Hiring a firm to patrol central Turlock and employing homeless individuals through a work program can improve safety and cleanliness. 

3. Securing additional funding for public safety in Turlock should be a priority without increasing taxes.   Grant applications should be pursued to enhance public safety measures in the city.

These are just initial suggestions for improving the city of Turlock. A strategic plan is essential. Feel free to reach me at for full story


— Jason E. Freitas