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Pitman grad takes her athletic passions to Arizona
Cerah Moren
Pitman High grad Cerah Moren throws javelin for the ASU track and field team (Photo contributed).

Turlock native Cerah Moren graduates this week with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with a concentration in secondary education from Arizona State University’s School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. She developed a passion for athletics in her hometown and carried that with her to college where she is a scholar-athlete and throws javelin for the ASU track and field team. In addition to track and field, she also played volleyball and basketball.

“My brothers and I were all surrounded by athletics and the motivation to excel in our education so that we could have the opportunity to continue to pursue athletics and education in college,” said Moren

Her father, Thad Moren, was the track and field coach when she attended Pitman High and encouraged her to try every track and field event and she instantly fell in love with javelin, which became an important part of her life.

“Since I was really young, I was able to be surrounded by the sport and try every single event,” said Moren. “I did everything from sprinting to hurdling to throwing. Learning to throw the javelin became something I really enjoyed and was passionate about.”

Moren is pursuing her master’s in mathematics with a focus on secondary education and hopes to get into teaching and coaching when she’s finished with her degree.

“I realized in high school that I enjoyed helping others understand new concepts in math and also new techniques in sports that they were trying to learn,” Moren said. “Helping others get that lightbulb moment was a great feeling that helped me realize that I wanted to continue helping others reach this understanding through a career in teaching. Once I’m done with competing for ASU, I plan to begin my teaching career and hopefully begin coaching as well to stick with the sport of track and field.”

She’s looking forward to still competing for ASU during that time, and is just coming off scoring for the first time at the last PAC-12 conference meet.

When she is not competing or studying, Moren likes to be outside and experience nature. She likes to explore scenic places throughout Tempe and Scottsdale. Her advice for students starting college is don’t think too far ahead and enjoy the moment.

“The best advice that I could give to those still in school would be to not feel like you have to have it all figured out right away,” said Moren. “Life and school can be full of ups and downs, but life is a continuous journey of growing and learning as a person. Take the time to enjoy your own journey.”