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Pitman dominates final dual meet
track pic1
Pitman High’s Titus Judish won the high jump during his team’s dual meet against Turlock High on Wednesday afternoon at Debely Stadium. - photo by CHHUN SUN / The Journal

Turlock vs. Pitman High Track and Field

Wednesday, May 4

Boys Results

Team Scores: Pitman 88, Turlock 43

100 meter: 1. Alec Nicolai, THS; 2. Brandon Augusto, PHS; 3. Toby Jones, PHS

200 meters: 1. Alec Nicolai, THS; 2. Brent Nelle, PHS; 3. Karamvir Dhesi, THS

400 meters: 1. Jacob Wessels, PHS; 2. Jordan Porter, PHS; 3. Mario Garcia, PHS

800 meters: 1. Frank Finch, PHS; 2. Ernie Ortiz, THS; 3. Josue Solorio, PHS

1600 meters: 1. Frank Finch, PHS; 2. Aaron Boman, PHS; 3. Miles Uriquidez, THS

3200 meters: 1. Rex Doo, THS; 2. Richard Ketscher, PHS; 3. Aaron Boman, PHS

110 meter hurdles: 1. Everardo Olide, THS; 2. Sharif Collins, PHS; 3. Wade Turner, THS, and Caleb Wittstruck, PHS

300 meter hurdles: 1. Brent Nelle, PHS; 2. Andrew Garcia, PHS; 3. Everardo Olide, THS

4X400 Relay: 1. Pitman: Jacob Wessels, Mario Garcia, Jordan Porter, Andrew Garcia; 2. Turlock: Josue Solorio, Josh Rodrigues, Logan Wolfley, Frank Finch

Shot put: 1. Sean Donnelly, PHS; 2. Ivan Delgado, PHS; 3. Michael Nissan, THS

Discus: 1. Sean Donnelly, PHS; 2. Tre Vargas, PHS; 3. Aaron Rollins, PHS

High jump: 1. Titus Judish, PHS; 2. John England, PHS; 3. Everardo Olide, THS

Pole vault: 1. John England, PHS; 2. Ron Barton, THS; 3. Blake Matos, THS

Long jump: 1. Denny Serpa, THS; 2. Josh Neri, PHS; 3. Brent Nelle, PHS

Triple jump: 1. Denny Serpa, THS; 2. Josue Solorio, PHS; 3. Josh Neri, PHS


Girls Results

Team Scores: Pitman 92, Turlock 44

100 meters: 1. Hailey Stroud, PHS; 2. Adela Martinez, PHS; 3. Vanesa Barcenas, THS

200 meters: 1. Aman Hundal, PHS; 2. Jasmine Roberson, PHS; 3. Jacelyne Montes, THS

400 meters: 1. Aman Hundal, PHS; 2. Jacelyn Montes, THS; 3. Joy Ndem, THS

800 meters: 1. Elisiah Frank, PHS; 2. Victoria Alvarado, PHS; 3. Deisy Valencia, THS

1600 meters: 1. Kailyn James, THS; 2. Alejandra Aguilar, PHS; 3. Jami Ford, PHS

3200 meters: 1. Jami Ford, PHS; 2. Katelyn Gilstrap, PHS; 3. Giana Amador, THS

100 meter hurdles: 1. Kelsee Derr, PHS; 2. Mallory Patino, THS; 3. Misty Alexander, THS

300 meter hurdles: 1. Mallory Patino, THS; 2. Alexis Gimeno-Brown, PHS; 3. Misty Alexander, THS

4X100 relay: 1. Pitman: Jasmine Roberson, Aman Hundal, Hailey Stroud, Kelsee Derr

4X400 relay: 1. Turlock; 2. Pitman: Salina Flores, Gaby Flores, Elisiah Frank, Terri Gallon

Shot put: 1. Erica Sickert, PHS; 2. Alex DeChari, PHS; 3. Bree Motley, PHS

Discus: 1. Erica Sickert, PHS; 2. Bree Motley, PHS; 3. Kelli Tejeda, THS

High jump: 1. Caitlin O’Connell, PHS; 2. Alexa Benavides, PHS; 3. Cierra Booz, THS

Pole vault: 1. Nicole Cipponeri, THS; 2. Kyndel Fletcher, PHS; 3. Taylor Ash, THS

Long jump: 1. Kelsee Derr, PHS; 2. Cierra Booz, THS; 3.Caitlin O’ Connell, PHS

Triple jump: 1. Caitlin O’Connell, PHS; 2. Cierra Booz, THS; 3. Hannah Bertomen, THS


In the final dual meet of the Central California Conference season, both Pitman High boys and girls teams earned team victories over crosstown rival Turlock High at the renovated Debely Stadium on Wednesday afternoon.

With both teams finishing with a number of multi-event winners, the Pitman boys won 88-43 and the Pitman girls won 92-44.

The stadium is also the site of Friday’s CCC Championships, with the first event starting at 10 a.m. The top five places move on to the Division I Championships at Elk Grove High on May 18 and 20.

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