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Kaepernick leads 49ers into new chapter at Levi's Stadium
Colin Kap
Colin Kaepernick kneels as he prepares to pray alongside teammates before a pre-season game against the Denver Broncos. - photo by Treadwell Photography

Life is good for Colin Kaepernick.

He’s a starting quarterback in the NFL, has a new, $1 billion stadium to perform in, and he’s signed to a contract that’s worth up to $126 million.

You’d be hard-pressed to find Kaepernick soaking in the success, however. At least not at this moment in time. Instead, the Turlock native is focused on the upcoming 2014 NFL season which will be his second season as a full-time starter.

Up to this point, Kaepernick has performed well for a young quarterback. He’s appeared in two NFC Championship games and helped lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl. But despite those achievements, Kaepernick is far from satisfied, and he’ll likely remain that way until he hoists a Lombardi Trophy.

“Every day when we’re out here we’re competing against each other. We have what we feel is an elite offense and an elite defense and we get to go head-to-head every day,” Kaepernick said. “So that’s going to make us better for this season, and I mean, our goal is set for the Super Bowl.”

Kaepernick’s quest for a Super Bowl victory will be a tough one this year with nearly half of the 49ers’ schedule filled with teams who won 10 or more games in 2013. Still, back with a veteran core of players and a crop of newcomers, Kaepernick is optimistic about his team’s chances at a championship.

“The addition of Stevie Johnson, Brandon Lloyd, and Bruce Ellington; they’re all great players. I’m very excited to see them on the field and see what they can do because they’ve shown a lot of great things in practice,” Kaepernick said. “I think we’re just working as a whole to make sure we’re getting better.”

But while Kaepernick might not have the time to focus on his gains, he often looks to his past as both a source of inspiration and a reminder of what it’s going to take for him to reach his next set of professional and personal goals.

When asked what his 10-year-old self would say if he could see his level of success today, Kaepernick had this to say:

“I don’t think he would believe it’s true. I think it was something that I hoped for and I tried to work for, but at that age you really don’t know what’s going to happen. And it’s been an amazing ride so far.”

Kaepernick and co. will continue that ride Sunday against the San Diego Chargers in the third pre-season game of the year. The 49ers will host the Chargers at brand new Levi’s Stadium as they continue to prepare for the inaugural regular season at the new facilities.

“I think everyone’s excited to get into the stadium and start playing because it’s an opportunity for us to start our own legacy, and to build our legacy with this stadium similar to the one the one 49ers had at Candlestick,” Kaepernick said. “I think everyone’s very happy about that.”