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Turlock man arrested for second time in stolen trailer investigation
william coelho
William Coelho

A Turlock man previously arrested by the Stanislaus County Auto Theft Task Force was once again taken into custody after authorities linked him to other stolen trailers.

William Tracy Coelho, 45, was taken into custody on Aug. 19 on allegations of auto theft, possession of a stolen automobile, grand theft, possession of a controlled substance, committing a felony while out on bail and driving on a suspended driver license.

StanCATT previously tied Coelho to a series of stolen trailers after video surfaced of a break-in at a Turlock stereo store. The video surveillance showed two men trying to break-in to a stereo shop on Golden State Boulevard. Along with the men, the video caught images of a truck parked outside the store with an enclosed trailer attached to it. The trailer was linked back to Bonander Truck and Trailer in the 4500 block of N. Golden State Boulevard. The store has had nine trailers stolen over the last few months.

The images from the surveillance video were posted on social media, which generated a tip as to the identity of one of the suspected thieves, later identified as Coelho. StanCATT agents went Coelho’s home in the 1000 block of Ninth Street in Turlock and found the truck and the trailer from the video. They also found additional evidence that Coelho had been in possession of the stolen Bonander trailers.

He was arrested and charged with auto theft, possession of stolen vehicles, attempted burglary, and possession of a controlled substance. At the time StanCATT put out a warning to people who had bought a trailer from Coelho that they should contact the agency and save themselves from potential charges of possessing stolen property.

The warning worked, at least to some extent. Coelho’s arrest on Aug. 19 was made after StanCATT recovered two more of the stolen trailers and linked them back to Coelho. The agency is still looking for five other trailers and cautioned those who had recently received a 2013 or newer trailer from Coelho.

“If you have recently purchased a trailer from Mr. Coelho or believe the trailer you have in your possession may be one of these stolen trailers, please contact StanCATT at 581-9250. We would not like see an innocent purchaser get in trouble for possessing one of these trailers,” StanCATT said in a release.