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Medeiros third grader knows value of honesty
character counts pic
Medeiros Elementary School third grader Noah Phillpott is the April Character Counts student for trustworthiness. - photo by JONATHAN MCCORKELL / The Journal
Character Counts Profile:  Noah Phillpott, Medeiros Elementary

Nominated by: Laura Long, Medeiros assistant principal

Laura Long, the assistant principal at Medeiros Elementary School in Turlock, has high praise for third grade student Noah Phillpott, 9.
“Noah is such a great kid, he really stands out, exudes confidence and he’s a leader. He is the one who you can always count on to make the right choice and you can trust him to always tell the truth,” said Long.
Noah said his parents always told him to tell the truth, no matter what, something a few celebrities and politicians could learn.
“They always said that even if I did something wrong, if I told them the truth I won’t get in as much trouble as if I lie,” said Noah.
Michelle Anderson, Noah’s teacher, said that he has earned a high level of trust in her classroom.
“If I ever have to leave the room, I can always trust him to stay on task and he will direct his fellow student to do the same. He is a leader, but he’s not bossy. He has a good rapport with other kids, he is a peace maker and he is well liked,” said Anderson.
When you talk to Noah, he seems years older than his nine years, and with good reason. Noah is a cancer survivor, but by the looks of him you would never know. Easily the tallest and biggest kid in his class, Noah admits that his experience with leukemia as a child has made him stronger now.
“I’ve been in remission for four years, and when I had leukemia I had friends that died. Once I got out of the hospital and went to school I knew that I should live my life the best I can and to always try my best,” he said.
In class Noah receives good grades and he played football last year for the Turlock 49ers youth team. His favorite subject is reading and he likes to read about sharks, cars and sports. In his free time he enjoys playing outside, playing football, basketball and video games. His favorite game is “Madden ’11” and his favorite teams are the Saints, Packers and Los Angeles Lakers.
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