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Sports complex naming in honor of Denair Lions
denair scoreboard
Over the years the Denair Lions Club has contributed to upgrades to the football stadium, including a new scoreboard and paying to install new stadium lights (Photo contributed).

The support the Denair Lions Club has made over the years to Denair High sports teams is being recognized with a new arch proclaiming the naming of the Denair Lions Sports Complex.

The iron arch is attached to the football field parking lot gate, the side football field gate and the entrance to the gymnasium.

The club has been a staple in the community for many years and has donated numerous gifts to the Denair Unified School District in support of student athletics.

“The Denair Lions Club has been graciously supportive with Denair High School sports over the last five years. They have donated thousands of dollars in equipment, items and volunteer hours that have added value to our athletic fields, courts and gymnasium. We are very grateful to the Denair Lions Club for their undying commitment to the high school community,” said Denair High Principal Kara Backman.

Over the years they have contributed to upgrades to the football stadium, as well as other gifts throughout the schools.

“Many of them attended Denair schools and their kids attended Denair schools. They are a club that is very service oriented, and very connected to the community. And over the years, they have significantly contributed to the school,” said Superintendent Terry Metzger. “Things like our new football stadium scoreboard, they lifted and installed. We had purchased new stadium lights and we were waiting to have them installed. It costs a lot of money to get a lift and do all that kind of stuff. Well, the Denair Lions ended up hanging all the new stadium lights, they paid for the lift and they provided all of the manpower needed to install those lights.”

The club also provides support for local families and recently helped one family that lost a member due to cancer.

“They had a pancake breakfast two weeks ago and one of our moms passed away from cancer and she had five kids who are still here..That family is going to be the beneficiary of the pancake breakfast this year. And they're very much in need,” Metzger said.

The tentative unveiling for the arch is scheduled for Oct. 15 and invitations will be sent out to community members as the date gets closer.