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Student Spotlight: Dustin Grein stays active, physically and intellectually
Dustin Grein
Dustin Grein

In the current days of technology where students are more likely to be sitting on a couch than playing kick-the-can in the street, Dustin Grein is an exception.

“I like to play sports and hang out with my friends in my free time. I don’t watch too much television because it’s kind of boring and takes away from other things,” said Grein.

Grein is an  eighth grader at Turlock Junior High School where he plays basketball and will be trying his hand at track and field this year. Having almost broken the 7th grade record for long jump in his physical education class, Grein is not only a big jumper but a quick runner.

“I had friends do track and field last year and they said it was fun. I’m pretty fast so I thought I’d try it out. I will probably do the 100 meter sprint and the long jump or triple jump,” said Grein. 

More than physically active, Grein is also a star student who, having scored perfectly on his state math test in elementary school, brings his aptitude for math to his geometry course. While his favorite subject is science, Grein eventually plans to hybridize his interests in both math and science to become a biotechnology engineer.

“I’ve always liked building and rebuilding things, ever since I was kid. I used to love those Lincoln Logs,” said Grein.   

When Grein isn’t busy focused on sports or academics, he serves as the vice president for the TJHS Associated Student Body where he helps organize events, such as dances. However, this year he is looking forward to one of the biggest events in junior high, which he doesn’t have to organize: the eighth grade trip to Six Flags where he can ride roller coasters as he prepares to roll into his next endeavor of high school.