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Lewis seeks fifth term as City Treasurer
Diana Lewis.png
Diana Lewis

For the fifth time, City of Turlock Treasurer Diana Lewis is hoping to be elected by the community to take care of the City’s finances come Nov. 8.

The 16-year incumbent will be challenged for the first time on the upcoming ballot, but is hoping her experience will win the community’s votes.

“I’m proud of my experience and expertise, and I’m confident that it’s the best way for our community to go,” said Lewis. “I hope they remember that at the time of the election.”

Originally from Ohio, Lewis has lived in Turlock for over 50 years and has always made it her mission to remain active in the community. Through involvement with Turlock Together and the Arrowhead Club, as well as the founding of the City of Turlock Employees Christmas Foundation, Lewis has made the most of her time in Turlock. Since 2000, her love of numbers and giving back to the community has made City Treasurer the occupation of a lifetime.

“Being Treasurer is another way that I can give back to the community, and set them on a path to where they always have stable investments,” said Lewis.

Lewis is beingchallenged by public office newcomer Alex Kiehl, a local bookkeeper and tax preparer. Between Kiehl and herself, Lewis stated that what makes her the better candidate boils down to one thing: experience.

“I have experience and knowledge of the California state investment policy and the investment policy of the City of Turlock,” said Lewis. “It’s targeted in a very narrow area for the safety of our community, and getting to know that and learn that is a process in itself – it’s not an area where you can forecast.”

While her opposition is in favor of term limits, Lewis sees no need for them in the position of City Treasurer, and for specific reasons.

“It takes a four to eight year cycle so that you can see how the economy turns out and really understand what you’re doing,” said Lewis. “Knowledge and experience is very important in this job — you have to take care of liquidity and safety.”

If re-elected, Lewis plans to continue making the City’s financial security her number one priority.

“I don’t want to let the community down,” said Lewis. “I try to act within the best interest of the City and its constituents, and that’s always important when I make investments.”

On Nov. 8, Turlock residents will vote for City Treasurer as well as decide who will represent two of Turlock’s new city council districts.