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Turlocker turned celebrity hair stylist charms with new product
kiara bailey
Kiara Bailey

Turlock native Kiara Bailey has come full circle.

Upon traveling to Asia in 2010, Bailey was impressed with the elaborate charms she witnessed girls sporting on their nails. From bows to stars, Bailey was inspired to bring something just as unique to the hair industry in which she worked in Beverly Hills. Fast forward two years and Bailey’s unique hair accessory, Charmsies, can now be found in the hair of girls in Asia and across the world.

“I just thought how fun it would be if you could put stars or hearts in your hair,” said Bailey.

The former Turlock resident will be extolling the virtues of Charmies with a new product segment premiering on QVC today.

Charmsies is a hair accessory that allows individuals to place charms in their hair by apply the charms on a sheet to the hair with a heating iron which adheres to charms to the strands. Each set of Charmsies offers an assortment of different sparkly shapes and includes 144 charms for approximately $33.00.  Since her trip to Asia Bailey turned an inspiration moment into a fully fledged business as Charmsies can now be found in over 500 stores including Free People, Henri Bendel, Nordstroms, and more.

Bailey’s success with Charmsies was preceded by her line of extensions titled Hair Lingerie as seen in the manes of celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Jessica Alba. While she has gotten used to collaborating with celebrity clients, Bailey’s venture in the industry began in a much more hands-on capacity as she honed her craft alongside her mother Karla Chancellor who is the owner and artistic director at The Salon Push in Turlock.  With a desire to pursue hair styling beyond the limits of the City of Turlock, Bailey soon found herself commuting between a salon on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Turlock where she kept a few clients.

“I knew I wanted to do more,” recalls Bailey. “I set my sights on getting as far as I could go in the industry.”

Bailey’s initiative was met with a role on the Bravo reality television show “Blow Out” and a string of celebrity clients. Now semi-retired as a hair stylist, Bailey manages her businesses full-time but keeps a few clients as well. With plans to eventually release a line of hair stickers for the 12 and under set, Bailey intends to continue to push herself and the beauty industry in innovative ways.

And her advice for aspiring hair dressers?

“If you want to do something make up your mind and do whatever it takes. You have to be determined,” said Bailey.

Locals can tune into the QVC Network today at 11 a.m. PST to watch Bailey launch her new Charmsies Set of Three Iron-In Hair Charms.