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Keeping us ‘Turlock Strong’
amy bublak
Turlock Mayor Amy Bublak

I am humbled to have your support and thank each of you for voting to return me as your Mayor for another four-year term.

Turlock is a special place.  Our shared love of this city and each other makes us “Turlock Strong.”

We have accomplished so much, but there is more work to be done.  We have two new council members that I look forward to working with as we continue to work on behalf of you.

We have an outstanding City Manager, and with his leadership, have reorganized our departments and services for better quality and efficiency.  Our Executive Team and staff are doing an outstanding job and will continue to provide levels of service we can all be proud of.

Your council unanimously voted to support our plan to operate the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority project, ensuring we have accountability and savings in costs associated with our new surface water service.

We have completed some road repairs and refurbishments and have additional road projects under construction.

We are filling vacant positions in the Fire and Police Departments to ensure that Turlock is safe and secure.

We are working with community partners on homelessness in our efforts to assist those who want assistance when they've fallen on hard times while not sacrificing our community standards for community wellbeing. 

We are under construction on the Columbia Pool, to restore this great recreational opportunity for our community.

We will further the work to ensure our Turlock businesses, through our economic development efforts, have every opportunity to compete and thrive in a difficult economic climate.

I thank you all again for your trust in me, and I am excited to work with you as we make Turlock a great place to live, work and play because we are Turlock Strong.