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Abram is the right person for Turlock

Those who are the best at anything, never have to tell others they are the best at it. They just are. We often see people touting themselves as the most intelligent, kindest, or most virtuous. But one should never rely on their own words to prove their strengths, they should rely on their actions. 

Someone who undoubtedly speaks with actions, not words is Cassandra Abram. I am honored to know her and I fully support her candidacy for Turlock City Council. 

I first met her as Dr. Abram while working under her leadership at an optometry office. She quickly gained my respect through her intelligence, level-headedness, and kindness. Additionally, she proved to be incredibly down-to-earth, which was refreshing and unexpected! Since then, she’s become a mom of two and she has demonstrated that she truly only wants the best for her daughters, her family, her friends, and her community.

It is infrequent that I can cast my full vote of confidence for someone, but Cassandra Abram has made it incredibly easy. Voting can be overwhelming, but choosing the right person for Turlock City Council has never been easier. Vote for Cassandra Abram, she will not let you down! 

— Norma Madruga