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Advertising extreme
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It’s not very often that I agree with burdensome rules and regulations set up by government to stifle businesses.  The “Business Balk” article printed in the Journal last week made me chuckle after I read statements from business owners suggesting they are hurting due to a local sign ordinance that has outlived its useful life.  I agree with the City’s sign ordinance simply because it is silly to see grown men and women dancing on street corners dressed in a Halloween costume, a dill pickle, or oil can in vain attempts to sell a sandwich.  What should be illegal is a costumed adult dancing on a street corner.  Businesses must constantly use new methods of advertising to attract customers, and today’s world of social media, eCommerce, and Internet ads allows business owners to reach a multitude of people in seconds.  A business owner must ask themselves if a huge fluffy sign is reaching as many people as their other forms of advertising.  I am hopeful business owners and City officials can come together to reach a compromise before we have giant pizzas flying cross Geer Road or an actual 49er rushing into jewelry stores trying to sell their gold nuggets.  — Larry Rumbeck