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Another mass shooting, seriously ?
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Is anyone surprised at yet another school shooting? I'm not. There will be more, many more. They will be worse. Get used to it.

Do you think this shooting would have happened if that school had trained, armed guards? No, the shooter would never have gone there in the first place. He would have gone to some other school designated a "gun free zone" and unprotected. Why? Because the shooter was a coward who wanted to make a statement and be like his heroes, the other shooters before him.

In his planning stage, he knew he would become an instant celebrity all across the country, the world, due to the constant news coverage from the media and in particular, the President of the United States, who once again had an opportunity to promote his anti-gun movement against good, honest, law abiding Americans. Obama has more ammunition once again to further his agenda of disarming the very people who protect this country from the likes of him and the current government.

I send a big thank you to the sheriff of Douglas County, Oregon for refusing to speak the shooter's name or give him any recognition. That is what all these shootings are about in the first place.

I have three grandchildren who currently live and go to school in France. The schools there are protected by highly armed French police and even armed bodyguards hired by some of the students with wealthy parents. They are safe.

I hope you anti-2nd Amendment people are proud of yourselves, once again, for allowing our schools to be free fire zones, where shooters are protected and children aren't.

— Michael Bronner, Captain, Continental Airlines (retired), Vietnam Combat Veteran