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Another option for YCCD: Kevin Sabo
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Bickering between Abe Rojas, Bill Holly, and their supporters is a tragic reflection of how most Americans feel about this election. The theme of choosing between the most unpopular candidates for president is being played out right here in the Valley in this race for college board.

Holly’s campaign can be boiled down to two simple themes: a tantrum about library books - a done, even if lamentable, deal - and buzz words like “free speech” and “due process.” While doing the Framers of the Constitution proud, Holly should be given as much serious consideration as he put into his platform.

This brings us to the incumbent. When asked to point to concrete accomplishments after decades on the Board, there’s a deafening silence from Rojas and his supporters. Being a caretaker is certainly better than running things into the ground, but if there’s another alternative, why not bet on that horse?

Unlike for president, you have more than two options here. Kevin Sabo offers another way - one that includes a real plan for expanding access to college and a history of accomplishments to back it up.  Kevin has a tremendous history with MJC and will do great things for the district.

Find out for yourself at and vote Kevin Sabo for YCCD Area 3 Trustee.

— Judy Cain