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Is anyone responsible for the operation of our city government?

Anyone driving on Colorado Avenue in Turlock will attest to the parking congestion and a lack of traffic safety. There have been two bad accidents recently within a two-week period. Someone is going to be badly hurt because the City of Turlock has been unresponsive and negligent in the administration of its responsibilities. Installing stop signs at Delbon and Sargon, along with eliminating on street parking between Delbon and Hawkeye, would greatly alleviate the problem.

I attempted to contact Turlock Engineering about the traffic issues and only received a recording that they were away from their desk and would return my call as soon as possible. After five separate attempts I went to City Hall to personally discus the traffic problem but was told I couldn’t see anyone unless I had an appointment. Oh! And yes…. the telephone number to make an appointment was the same number I had been calling!

With terrific pension and medical benefits, we should at least expect Turlock city employees to be approachable to public inquires and requests. The real question to ask is anyone responsible and accountable for the efficient and professional operation of local government? Or is this another example of the continued mismanagement of local Turlock city government?

— Art Dhallin