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Assemblymember Olsen should work on milk prices, not ethanol
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In response to Assemblymemeber Kristin Olsen's opinion about ethanol:  You are a state assembly member, but you want to get involved in the federal scheme designed to make our country less dependent upon foreign oil.  You complain about the federal process because of your parochial interest in dairymen.  These are crocodile tears!  As a state legislator, you are in control of the state mandated milk prices.  Exercise your time on behalf of the California citizens in pursuit of those subjects you have been given control over by the California citizens.  Raise the California controlled milk prices so that a dairyman can get a fair price for his milk.  Don't slam the farmer who wishes to make a fair price growing his corn.  He is entitled to make a fair price on his corn also.  He's also a California citizen, and he doesn't want us dependent upon foreign oil either.

— William S. Morris