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Because it’s Turlock
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I grew up admiring the “Greatest Generation,” who persevered through a depression and wars and passed on a rich legacy. My grandmother immigrated from war-torn Europe in 1949. This year she turns 92, she is my best friend and universally adored. She’s encountered numerous local politicians over the years. She prides herself on knowing a genuine person from someone ingenuine. I met Gary Soiseth in high school. In the past several years, I consider him a dear friend, almost a little brother. I feel protective of him watching the negativity from his opponents over the past several months. This negatively attempts to destroy the legacy of this city. I think to myself, why do more recent generations seem so against us millennials? A few months ago, Gary met my grandmother, and it was love at first sight, she wants him to be President. He was so gentle and compassionate with her, as he is with everyone he encounters. She represents, class, integrity, and compassion, as does Gary. He loves and respects that generation and the rich history of Turlock as I do. Gary’s dedication transcends all previous and future generations legacy of loving Turlock. Let Gary Soiseth continue the legacy.

— David Seymour