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Bring back experience, integrity to city hall
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Amen to the wake-up call from former Turlock council member Steve Nascimento: Voters need to remember Bill DeHart, Gary Soiseth and Amy Bublak were on the city council as spending went bonkers and ultimately (and expensively) tainted our city hall workplace environment.

Likewise, local campaign signs touting firefighters support for Nicole Larson, Soiseth and DeHart serve as a warming:  The firefighters’ ticket is a vote for the same-old spending spree (fiscal folly) and volatile workplace. If Larson approves of the firefighters’ message, this reflects her judgment as well.

Our best city council going forward is one with experienced candidates (Forrest White and Brad Bates) who served before our current predicament and also delivered progress for Turlockers. And we should welcome Andrew Nosrati, who has a history of saying “no” to irresponsible CEO whims.

— Cindy Peterson