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Bublak for a brighter future for Turlock
letter to editor

My hometown is Turlock, where I grew up for the past 20 years before moving here to the great state of Oklahoma. I have and will continue to love the town for its people and for its City Council who has for the most part put the interests of its citizens first, until this year! This year and under the current leadership, the City of Turlock finds itself on the news almost daily ranging from, a mayor who yells at other council members to the mayor not supporting the interests and safety of the town first. 

Now let me be clear, I supported the current mayor in 2014, I campaigned for him and went door to door, he’s a great man with I believe all good intentions because he showed clear, bold leadership and promised to work with transparency and work on behalf of us in the city of Turlock, however this last year he has showed that what he ran for and stood for has changed. Whether it was for a good reason or not, my hometown needs a leader as their mayor who can and will fight every day for its citizens and my family back in Turlock. 

The mayor’s currently leadership has caused a massive decline in public safety and the city losses more police officers then they can recruit. The city has found itself in a dire need for a city manager and a city attorney for almost a year who both left the city due to, “hostile work environments” with the city manager suing and being awarded $35,000 to stop the lawsuit. This is not the Turlock I grew up in and this is not the Turlock I want my hometown to be remembered as. 

We are now in 2018, and only six months from Election Day! While I’m not currently living in the city of Turlock let me tell you what I believe needs to change and what I believe can be done to change the course of action that the city of Turlock is headed down. We need a mayor with a background in public safety, we need a mayor with a background in community service, we need a mayor who has shown us they know what Turlock is capable of achieving. We need a mayor who has proven leadership with the city and stands up for its citizens and won’t back down. 

That is why tonight, with all due respect, I announce my endorsement for Amy Bublak as the next mayor for the great city of my hometown of Turlock. Let me take a few to tell you about Amy and why I stand with her this election. Amy is a retired police officer of 23 years, she has served on the city council since 2008, and has been a three-time Vice-Mayor of Turlock. She has fought to provide transparency and accountability during her time as councilwoman.

 I was also proud to serve alongside her in 2016, as part of her campaign for re-election to the city council, which she won proving yet again why she deserved to be there and why she deserves to lead the city of Turlock into a brighter future. 

I hope you will join me and Amy on her long campaign journey as we work to provide the best future Turlock can offer. We can make the change and we can make Turlock the city where everyone can live in safety, our officers are taken care of, and where our city council is thriving again doing the work of the people they were elected to serve. 

It is my honor to endorse Amy Bublak for Turlock Mayor for a brighter future. 

— Christopher A. Elliot