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Bublak can put City back on the right track
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After following the months of turmoil and dysfunction at Turlock City Hall, I think it’s time to put people in charge that have a shared vision and temperament to work as a team.  The recent heated altercation between City of Turlock’s current Mayor and its previous Mayor clearly demonstrates what is wrong with our current leadership.

Amy Bublak has served for the past 10 years as a Turlock council member.  She has a track record of working to improve the quality of life of Turlock residents without letting a personal agenda interfere with her interactions with staff and other elected officials.  I have worked with Bublak during her career at the Modesto Police Department and have known her as a personal friend for many years.  Her law enforcement career developed her problem-solving skills while dealing with the public, government agencies, and residents.  Her track record as a council member has been stellar and free of the turmoil and bickering that we have been seeing our current elected leadership.

I believe she would be the perfect choice to become Turlock’s new mayor and finally put the City back on track again.


—Scott Blom