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Bublak is the right person to lead Turlock
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My family wholeheartedly supports Amy Bublak for the Mayor of Turlock. Amy is qualified, thoughtful, and compassionate.

Amy has years of experience in our city's government having served as Vice Mayor and Councilmember. Amy is a team player, yet she also has the courage to plainly call it like it is and stand up for the people of our city.

Having been a police officer, Amy knows firsthand what it means to serve and protect. As a former paramedic, she knows how to assess a situation and make critical decisions to improve outcomes.

Over the years that we have known Amy, we have witnessed her embrace the various cultures that give our city its color and vibrancy as she has participated in many events and celebrations. Also, in order to engage in discussions that matter to us, Amy gone door to door to say hello.

Amy Bublak is the RIGHT person for this important position. Please VOTE for Amy Bublak for Mayor of Turlock.

— Helen B. Piro, Pharm.D.