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Bublak will help Turlock grow
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Dear Turlock Journal:

Three reason why Councilmember Bublak should be elected to Mayor of City of Turlock: Leadership, commitment, passion.

Councilmember Bublak has served the city of Turlock with distinction and honor. New developments throughout the city and downtown have greatly improved the quality of the town and its citizens. Councilmember Bublak is visible and active in the community, she visits local business, veterans organizations, community events and institutions of higher learning to ensure constitutions are being heard, issues are being addressed and resolved. 

The leadership, commitment and passion that Councilmember Bublak exhibits is the type of Mayor she will be once elected.  Elect Councilmember Bublak for Mayor, she will make sure our city gets what it needs to continue to grow and develop.

— Dr. Tonja Ochonma