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City needs to address road woes
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City needs to address road woes
What has happened to this wonderful city? The roads and streets have become deplorable. Stevie Wonder could drive by Braille on most of them — East Avenue, South Golden State Boulevard, West Hawkeye, all of West Main, North Geer, and Canal, just to name a few.
Where is the leadership to address and correct these major problems that has angered Turlock citizens and created disgust from visitors?
Why can’t the City Council hire competent employees and managers to provide even the most basic smooth travel across town? Also, it seems you can’t even pass through two stoplights without being parked on a third, usually for several minutes with no cross-traffic in sight. Tiimed stoplights must be too much to ask, huh?
Come on Mr. Mayor and City Council, get something done! Don’t just pray about it.