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Connecting the dots in Turlock politics
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Dear Editor,
I would like to educate the Turlock voters to what I see is going on at City Hall, behind the scenes.
1. Out-of-town developer Mark Hall donated $25,000 to Amy Bublak and Kurt Vander Weide’s City Council campaigns in 2008. Is that because he wants to develop houses on the west side of Highway 99 where there are no roads, water, sewer or schools.
2. Councilman Ted Howze owns property on Taylor Road (west of Hwy. 99) in the “sphere of influence,” right next door to the city limits.
3. A buddy of mine told me at a General Plan meeting that both Bublak and Howze want to develop west of Hwy. 99. Really???
4. Howze, Councilman Kurt Spycher and Bublak voted to fire City Manager Tim Kerr, which cost the city $250,000. They then hired a new city manager for $202,000. How are we saving money?
5. Howze, Spycher and Bublak voted to limit a piano bar’s operations in downtown Turlock during the height of a recession. Have you counted how many buildings are empty in downtown Turlock?
6. Why was the Carnegie construction bid proposals denied and why are they delaying the rebuilding of the Carnegie Arts Center? Call it the Howze, Spycher and Bublak Carnegie Center and let’s build it now, when the cost is at the lowest the city has seen in years.
7. Remember to vote on Nov. 2, 2010, and who not to vote for — Howze and Spycher!
— Randy Johnson