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Council members should do more than just make money for the City
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Am I the only one who believes four of our City Council Members would advocate for meth or heroin shops in Turlock if it increased city revenue?

The Council’s concern should be that their decision to permit marijuana head shops in the city of Turlock will make this illegal federal class 1 drug more easily available to Turlock youth.

This has been the clear result where cities have approved marijuana shops.   Young adult users who purchase at these shops are more than happy to share with younger friends. 

Additionally, the Council is giving its official approval on something they would keep their own children from using. They are saying, with this policy change, to the youth, that this drug is safe to use.

Besides the immediate effects of usage, which can be documented and observed in schools and in families, there is an enormous amount of research which indicates that youth usage of marijuana has a permanent damaging effect on their growing brains to include a long term lowering of I.Q. (

We vote for representatives for more than making money.  We vote for them to have principle and protect our youth.

— Larry Hoyt