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Denham’s policies are destructive
quill pen

All people hopefully know that Denham depends on sound bites and photo ops.  They sound and

look good but easily forgotten behind closed doors.  His bills on Immigration and Dreamers didn't

 stand scrutiny.  The scum rose to the top, showing us, the people it was supposed to help but didn't. 

These are the same people who helped build this country.  Trump's "Zero Tolerance" policy was not

opposed by Denham and this policy took children from parents because they crossed the border in

the wrong place.  A misdemeanor law was broken.  Denham seemed to think that if the place the

children were taken to was ok, then there was no problem.   Denham follows Trump's policies about

 98 percent of the time.  Those policies are destructive to some people and lavish to others.

Many people disagree with Denham.

If you want someone who speaks the truth and stands up for you and everyone in the Valley,

 then Josh Harder is the one. He listens when we speak, rich or poor, and will act.

— Diane Kroeze