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Deputy goes above and beyond
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In this time when one hears negative reports about our police officers, I’d like to share a positive.

There were “egging” incidents in our neighborhood a few nights ago. The neighbor called the Merced County Sheriff, then called me. I live across the street.

The deputy was quick to respond, within 10 minutes. As he was making his report at the neighbor’s, I checked our vehicles in our drive. My van got hit with eggs. The deputy made a report on my van also.

I knew I had to get it off and couldn’t wait until morning light or it would damage my van’s paint.

I’m a senior citizen, it was 10:30 p.m., I had no light other than a little hand-held flashlight, which would be difficult to hold and wash off the eggs.

The deputy re-positioned his vehicle and used his headlights and spotlight to cast light on my van so I could wash off the eggs. He didn’t stop there. He went back to the other neighbor’s and got a wet, soapy sponge and scrubbed the eggs off my van for me.

What a positive experience. It was a pleasure to witness how the officer responded to the situation. We were blessed by his response to our call.

— Anna Favors, Delhi