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Diseases are caused by poor lifestyle choices, not germs
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Dear Editor,
Thank you for this opportunity to reveal the truth, not create it. Thank you to Eric Julien for your response to my recent letter, and here is mine.
The intent of my letter is not to single out each vaccine, but to educate people of their dangers and to advocate effective alternatives.
The germ theory is what all vaccination programs are predicated upon. Even Louis Pasture, famous for his promotion of this idea that germs cause disease, stated, “The presence in the body of a pathogenic agent is not necessarily synonymous with infectious disease...” The seed is nothing, the soil is everything. Bacteria must eat. They feed on dead substances both in and outside the body. Germs are the smallest, weakest and least virile of all forms of living cells and are not capable of attacking and infecting a healthy cell.
German scientist Robert Koch authored a brief list of criteria that must be true if germs cause illness (Koch’s Postulates). For a specific bacteria to be the cause of a disease:
1. It must be found in every case of that disease.
2. It must not be found when the disease is not present.
3. It must be capable of living outside the tissues.
4. It must then be capable of reintroduction into the organism and producing that disease.
It has been demonstrated repeatedly that bacteria do not meet these conditions.
Specific germs are not found in every case of a specific disease. They are frequently found when the specific disease is not present, can’t live outside of tissues, and do not produce signs and symptoms of the disease when introduced into a healthy body. Germs are ubiquitous and only our susceptibility and resistance determine sickness and health.
The point of all this is that vaccines are meant to protect us from germs. Many infectious diseases have become less common in the past century and much credit has been given to vaccines. Please consider these U.S. death rate declines prior to the introduction of each of these vaccines.
A Metropolitan Life Insurance Company report entitled, “Health Progress 1935-1945” had this to say, “... the combined death rate of diphtheria, measles, scarlet fever, and whooping cough declined 95% among children ages 1-14 from 1911-1945, before the mass immunization programs started in the United States.” These numbers are even more amazing considering the enormous population growth and immigration which occurred during this time. What also changed during this period of time were dramatic improvements in living conditions and fresh fruits and vegetables made more available to urban communities due to the Public Health Act for Sanitary Reform.
In 1948, Dr. Bernard P. Sandler of Asheville, NC urged people to stop consuming ice cream, candy, soft drinks and all sugary foods to fight polio. The North Carolina State Health Department figures show 2,498 polio deaths in 1948 and 229 in 1949 (the polio vaccine was instituted in 1955). Once the ice cream, soda and sugar consumption went back up in 1950, so did the polio deaths. American consumption of these “foods,” body weight, and vaccine exposure have all increased exponentially since that time, as have a long list of chronic diseases which have replaced the acute infectious diseases.
Heart disease, stroke, cancer and an exponentially growing list of autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, multiple sclerosis, Chron’s disease, diabetes type II, ulcerative colitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia ...) have created an America of ever increasing disability and morbidity.
Whether motivated by good intention or greed, improved health has not been a product of mass vaccination campaigns here or abroad. Only better lifestyle and living conditions can allow us to express our health potentials.
— David Dubyak