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Donnelly Park wildlife should be protected
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I was appalled to learn of the animal (i.e. seagull) abuse that occurred last week at Donnelly Park.
The very thought that these youngsters could do such a heartless thing as kicking and twisting the wing of a seagull makes me wonder what is happening to our young people. Lack of parental guidance perhaps. Violence on TV.... who knows? Boredom?
Perhaps the city needs to consider placing signs within Donnelly Park, especially near the pond that states “VIOLATION, any acts of harassment, inflecting injury or killing wildlife will be duly prosecuted by laws protecting our wildlife.”
Donnelly Park attracts hundreds of birds, from beautiful Canadian Geese, colorful mallard ducks, coots and other species. They are to be enjoyed and be allowed to feed on Donnelly Park grounds without fear of attacks of this kind.
I hope the City of Turlock can take steps to halt such behavior, with signs at our city parks, and if a Teen Center gives children a place to vent their spleen, I hope we can provide such a place to teach youngsters self-respect and lead more productive lives.  
— Paula N. Tice