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End unhealthy habits, ban flavored tobacco products

Dear Editor, 

It's evident that many teenagers nowadays are in possession of a vape or nicotine product of some kind. These in turn result in locked bathrooms and random fire alarms at schools, making everyone unhappy. These products attract teenagers through their “fun flavors” such as vanilla, fruits, and the like. Being drawn in by their flavors result in teenagers becoming addicted to nicotine, as they act as money machines for companies. Prop. 31 suggests that California should make the decision about the sale of flavored tobacco products, including vapes. With such power in their hands, Californians should ban these products, to end the youth vaping crisis. 

So, why do teenagers vape? Well, some may have tried it because curiosity got the better of them, and now they are bound to its addicting properties. Others might because they use it as a fidget, and now can’t go without it. In attempts to quit, some might replace their vape with candy or a fidgeting object to satisfy their cravings, but could end up giving in. It needs to be more difficult for underage people to obtain them, as they are damaging their lungs due to this, while companies are depriving them of their money. 

By voting to ban the sale of flavored-tobacco products, teenagers do not have to fear for their health in the future, and will be able to create health habits to occupy their time instead. 
— Sivianna O.