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Gary Soiseth for Mayor of Turlock
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Turlock has been blessed with many dedicated and talented elected leaders throughout the city's history. Turlock is recognized as a special place to live in large part because of the policies of the past that have shaped the present.  To insure a bright and prosperous future Turlock must have a mayor with vision and the strength to make many difficult and informed decisions.  On Nov. 4 Turlock voters will consider two very well qualified men seeking this important position.

I am supporting Gary Soiseth for Mayor of Turlock.  Gary Soiseth has demonstrated his ability to work hard under difficult conditions and is well prepared to lead Turlock. I have been impressed with Gary’s ability to study and understand issues, to develop goals and strategies and successfully solve problems. 

As a former Turlock Irrigation District director for 16 years and a water policy leader in California, I am concerned about Turlock’s water future.  Gary Soiseth is uniquely qualified and prepared to address this vexing issue that local leaders have been deliberating since 1985. 

— Randy Fiorini