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Gary Soiseth has knowledge, foresight to be Turlock's next Mayor
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Dear Editor:

Turlock voters, we have a unique opportunity to elect a Mayor who is proactive, innovative, energetic and yet pragmatic. Turlock faces many challenges ahead regarding roads, water, development, farmland management and protection, police and fire protection, and even a growing homeless population. We need a Mayor who will use his education, interpersonal and team-building skills, technology skills, and foresight to keep Turlock on the right path. That Mayor is Gary Soiseth!

Gary’s background and education is almost made to order for this position. Not only does he have a personal and heartfelt investment in Turlock, having grown up here in a long-time farming family, but also he spent four years in Afghanistan teaching and training others to be farmers and manage economic development. Gary offers unmatched experience, cutting-edge resourcefulness, and an energetic dedication to solving the most challenging issues facing Turlock in the coming years: unreliable water, failing roadways, and deficit spending.

Gary is no amateur in the political world, and yet he’s not married to the past or ingrained in a culture of nepotism. Instead, he is a person who will carefully draw on what is currently working and intertwine this knowledge and experience with what is possible and visionary for our future. We encourage you to join us in supporting and voting for Gary Soiseth for Turlock’s next Mayor.

— Barbara and Truman Jensen