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Harder has my vote for supporting Medicare-for-All
letter to editor

Josh Harder has my vote to represent our Congressional 10th District, and here’s why: he’s the only candidate brave enough to unequivocally promote Medicare-for-All, which will: a) dramatically lower healthcare costs and prescription drug prices by providing tremendous bargaining power with doctors, hospitals and drug companies; b) erase the pre-existing conditions problem; c) fairly provide quality healthcare for all, not just for those lucky enough to be in the 1%; and d) reduce the burden on small businesses and grow the economy. 

I say let’s catch up with the rest of the world in providing a fair and affordable healthcare system.  By supporting Medicare-for-All, Josh Harder is directly addressing the needs of our District 10 constituency, which includes many residents acutely in need of affordable healthcare coverage. 

— Kathy Aguilar