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Harder is not a friend to those who like private health insurance

Dear Editor:

On multiple fronts, Central Valley congressman Josh Harder seems to be devoid of the common sense that we need in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Every 10th congressional district voter should remember that Harder is a supporter of the infamous “Medicare for All” plan, which would abolish all private health insurance.

If you, like many Americans, appreciate your private health insurance, Harder is not your friend.

With federal government trustees for Medicare already reporting that the Medicare program will be insolvent by 2026, does it make sense to dump 175 million more Americans into this program?

With the federal debt already north of $27 trillion, why would any responsible member of Congress support a plan that according to the Mercatus Center, would cost $3.2 trillion per year for the next decade?

The cost of the Medicare for All plan would almost double the federal budget and raise taxes drastically on the middle class.

In 2019, people in the United Kingdom with bladder cancer, for example, were waiting up to five months for treatment. That’s exactly the health care system that Harder wants to bring us—and frankly we need to help him find another job.

— Debra Wright