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Harder will fight for us

Josh Harder is the right man for us – effective, hardworking, and knows our central valley.  Harder procured the first federal funding for local water projects in 50 years. Ask any farmer and they will tell you how crucial water is. 

Harder’s voting record is rated one of the most bipartisan in congress as he reaches out to democrats and republicans. We need to up our game on climate change and Harder’s FARM Act would give OUR valley a voice at the climate table with practical solutions like remunerating farmers for sequestering carbon-based almond waste. On healthcare Harder has worked to ensure school meals for children and would protect our social security. 

Compare this to Ted Howze, who couldn’t be bothered to remove hateful posts on his social media which piled up month and after month. Howze, who would fund social security by raising the retirement age as a way to keep the elderly working even longer even though a mild tax increase on the richest would do the job. Keep in mind that the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office data shows tremendous increases in inequality since the 1970s.

Harder gets it and will fight for a fairer economy for all.

— Bill Anelli